Sheeps Bridge

Todd and I decided to do a quick route close to home. There's a bridge over the Verde river that was constructed in the 1940s to safely get sheep from one bank to another.

The route out the bridge included riding up a wash from the Verde to Bartlett dam road and then on to the Seven Springs road. There's a T in the trail, left goes to Bloody Basin Road and right takes you straight to the bridge.

For most people their day will end at this bridge. It is however ideally suited to motorcycles. Who know that motorcycles and sheep had so much in common.

Proof that sheep would indeed cross the bridge, and in mass.

On the other side of the Verde there are quite a lot of trails but we just kept heading south.

The water was low enough that we could cross easily back across the Verde. Usually that option isn't available and so riders have to make their way across the dam. If you look below the lip there is a walkway intended for people but again oh so suited to skinny motorcycles.

Back down the wash and it was a short trip home through the reservation. It's amazing the trails that are in our backyard.


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