So Saturday night, with help I removed the axel nut from the 990 and got it installed on the 690 and was ready to go. We headed off for day two with a bigger group.

The route on this day stayed closer to Payson, below the Mogollon Rim. These two guys, Dallas and Dan joined us on Sunday and showed us all how it was done.

Kurt was another addition that I had ridden with before. He rides the wheels off his KLR.

Todd and I have done a lot of riding together lately. He's a great guy to have on a ride, good rider, good skills and very dependable.

We let Levi ride with us even if it's on an X-Challenge.

Life was going well until a section of about 3 miles of trail. It was a completely degraded trail that was more rock than dirt in most places. It really hit home with this guy. He managed to brake his clutch lever on his KLR right in the middle of a rocky uphill. But duct tape fixes everything thing and he got his ride going again.

Donna put us all to shame, muscling around her 800 through the rocks. She might have been a little tired at this point.

After that 3 miles we all were pretty tired, and I was really hungry so we headed back to town. After some food and some hanging out I headed back down the hill to town. Ready and not so willing to make it to work in the morning.


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