One of our local clubs have really gotten the dual sport bug. ATR has put on a hand full of fun events the last couple of years and they were on the AMA calendar over the weekend of October 24-25 for a two day ride out of Payson. I headed up on Friday to camp out at the Elks Lodge.

I really do love the ride up Bush hwy at dusk or dawn. The colors on the cliffs are beautiful. The ride up to Payson was just a quick jaunt up the Beeline. Thankfully quick and uneventful. A quick dinner at the Elks lodge (quite the happening place) and then it was off to bed in my cozy tent.

It makes life so much easier to be on time when you sleep at the ride meeting site. We all took off through town to start the ride. I sure hope the town had some warning because starting around 8am there were 200+ motorcycle riding through town.

There's not much that I can add so I'll let the pictures speak to themselves.

Life was going well until "The Hill." The Hill was a rocky hill with a left turn in the middle. It might have been an issue for few ridersif not for the bottleneck that developed. A rider crashed his bike across the trail just beyond the turn. Rider after rider got caught on the hill behind his bike. People turned around or were helped up the hill. Eventually a group gathered at the bottom of The Hill each waiting for their turn. Lets say it resulted in good bench racing later.

The rest of my day is unphotographed, I'm not very good about pictures when I'm flustered and frustrated. Why would I be flustered and frustrated? I was at lunch in Young when someone started talking about a KTM in the parking lot, well that's not very descriptive because a good percentage of the bikes were KTM. Of course it was my KTM though.

Turns out someone noticed that my rear axle was incorrectly positioned. That tends to happen when you're missing the axle nut and chain block. On the last ride to Crown King I had adjusted my chain tension and the axle nut didn't get torque properly. I got really lucky that the axle didn't back out further when I was riding, it could have been disastrous.

After some failed attempts to fix the problem I decided to get a ride back with one of the ATR club members. A short term solution could have been used but I prefer to take the safe solution to me and my bike when it makes sense. Better to save the bike and me to ride the following day. My 990 was sitting in the Elk parking lot with a for sale sign just waiting for the axle nut to be "borrowed."


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