Sometimes we all need a little push to get us to look at possibilities that we didn't know we had. Just like a muse for an artist, I've run across some blogs that have inspired me. I hope they inspire you too.

Angola, it's not like they said
You can't find a much more remote or exotic location (To me, who hasn't set foot on the dark continent) than Angola. A group of South Africans took this trip and documented it beautifully. I've always said that on ADVrider, if you don't take pictures, it didn't happen. Well they had their bases covered. Beautiful pictures of amazing cultures, hairy situations and great riding.

idaho extreme
This is much closer to home, I've ridden in Idaho before but this thread really shows the almost limitless trails.

Africa Race 2008 - The Preparation Story
In the United States, Rally's are a rare beast for motorcycles. Yes, there are a handful, mostly in the east but it can't quite compare to a rally in Africa. The completely specialized modifications to the bikes are amazing. It makes me want to find a rally fairing for my 690.

Sibirsky Extreme
A riders story across Europe and Asia. He has phenomenal pictures (a "Moto Porn"ographer, nice work if you can get it) and well written stories about his trip. Literally a book in the making. I also really enjoy his thread on ADVrider that details his build up process: RTW X-Challenge Adventurization


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