Here I sit in the KTM dealer in Grass Valley waiting for the diagnosis on my bike. I'm torn between hoping that I made a rookie mistake or a serious problem that's going to delay my trip. I didn't actually add gas to the tank so it could just be out of gas (even though the gas light didn't come on and I swear I hear gas sloshing in the tank). The other option is more complicated and would probably involve a broken fuel pump. I've read of other people have the typical 990 fuel pump issues but at just over 2K on the odo it's a little early!

The day started well enough. I grabbed breakfast with a cousin and helped him change out some headlight bulbs in his car. Then I starting riding around, finding interesting roads and staying away from any interstate signs. I need a setting on my GPS would allow me to set my arrival time in a location and just route me around on surface streets until I have to actually make progress to my desination. It's been relaxing being in an "anti-hurry." Usually I'm always trying to find the shortest, fastest way. Not the twistiest, most out of the way route. I get to wander around in what's my friends and family's backroads.

So I'm purposly not making my way directly to Tahoe. I drove through Applegate, which apparently doesn't have a welcome sign but this sign had to suffice.

After some dead end dirt roads I ended up on 174 and pulled over to take pictures and check on lunch plans. Then the bike decided that it was done, finished, pooped, etc. After going through the normal routine, battery, gas, etc it became clear that this bike was not going anywhere on it's own. So my poor beast had to suffer the indignity of being loaded into a truck. I was lucky that a local named Bob offered me a ride to the KTM dealer 10 miles up the road.

So now I'm camped out in the Sierra Motor Sports show room wondering if I can stretch my trip out because of unforseen dificulties? By the way, if you're in Grass Valley, this shop is well equiped with riding gear, parts and riding paraphernalia.


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