It was perfect morning to take off from Cotati, sunny and warm. After pictures and hugs I headed for Roseville, CA by way of Napa Valley. It was on the way! Really. The road was beautiful, twisty and sunny. Riding through the vineyards is much more peaceful then buzzing along at 65 on the Interstate.

I was early, let me repeat, EARLY to have lunch with David. He was as shocked as I was, it entirely accidental I promise. I was shooting for my normal 15 minutes late. I'm going to have to more regular trips to catch up with friends, there's nothing as grounding as talking things over with old friends that know you well.

After lunch I was in the no man's land of free time. All the people I'm here to visit have jobs that take up entirely too much of their time. So I ran some errands and set out to find a coffee shop to hole up in for a couple of hours. After some hits and misses I ended up in the Depoe Bay Coffee Co. chating with Ean, a singer, songwriter that likes keyboards. A great way to spend the afternoon.

Right in Auburn's backyard is this beautiful gorge. It's wonderful having the time and means to wander around and find things like this just around the corner from the places you were planning on being. The rest of the day was spent catching up with family. My family like most, they're at their best in small groups so all these stops are working out well! I also got to play a little repair-woman and tinker with some sliding doors at my Aunt's. Apparently I was the last in a long line of people trying to fix the doors and I pervaled!


Heather said...

Amen about catching up with old friends. Can't wait to do it in a month!! And nice job on the screen door!! hehehe

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