Well, after hours of diagnostics and disassembly the fuel pump is officially dead in my bike. Now it's going to be a game of logistics. How long will it take KTM USA to get a fuel pump to this dealer? Is the part even in stock? Then there's the added stress that the bike is just out of the one year warranty. So my pocketbook is at the mercy of KTM USA. And of course you have to keep in mind that Monday is a holiday.

I do have a friend driving through this weekend with trailer space to Arizona. But the bike probably won't be fixed before then. I booked a flight through Southwest for Monday as a backup plan but getting the bike home is still a wrench in the works. Like I said a lot of logistics to think through. I'd really like to wait for the bike and finish my trip but that would require me to miss days at work that I don't have vacation for. So today (Friday) I'm killing time with my cousin while he chauffeurs me around.

KTM USA will be doing a courtesy warranty of my bike and the replacement fuel pump should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I've gone over the issue with my boss and he's understanding of the situation. So I'm going to hang out while my bike is fixed! There are many worse places I could be stuck.


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