As you probably can tell by now, Monday was a looooong day. Mostly because I was constantly taking alternate routes like this one. It was a neat old coast road that varied between crummy pavement and a bit of dirt.

Lunch couldn't come soon enough. By the time I found this little hamlet I was cold and hungry. A dangerous combination. It seems obvious but I really came to realize how being uncomfortable really takes focus away from everything else. It's difficult to focus on the beauty around you when you wish you had an electric blanket hidden somewhere in your pack.

After lunch I split off of the 101 to ride the 211 through Ferndale, Capetown and so on. After all the traffic on the 101 and speed limits of 65 it was nice to wander down this quiet deteriorating, twisty road. I was again bless with the sun for the stretch and it really made time fly.

The rest of the day was spent riding back on the 101. The trend was freeway until a stand of redwoods and it was filtered down to two lanes. Then back up to freeway size and speeds. It was really beautiful through the redwoods and some awesome twists and turns. Around that point I SHOULD have found a place to camp. However the campgrounds I found were either closed, under construction or wanted $35 for a camping spot. I didn't stop in those places for two very good reasons: I thought that $35 was ridiculous and I didn't have $35 in cash for after hours check-in. So I road into the night to make it to friends in Cotati... they had a hot tub. I was motivated. I showed up at 10:30 and was promptly escorted to the hot tub, there's not much more I could ask for! So today (Tuesday) I've been taking a break, catching up on posts, pictures and laundry. Clean clothes and a shower never felt so good.

Total Mileage for Monday: 504


MOM said...

WOW - Terrific pictures! I feel as if I were there, too. Have a great journey.

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