Along the way I found where Arizona's ocean front property went... Oregon!

I finally filled my tanks for the first time of the trip. With the large extra tank on the bike I was interested to see how far it would take me, at least on paved roads. Dirt always requires more gas. 400 miles, not too shabby! I definitely don't last that long.

The bag works out fine for filling the stock, under the seat, tank. I wasn't sure how easy it would be. On another note, in Oregon there is an assistant to pump your gas for you. I kind of forgot that you're not suppose to pump your own gas so I just rode up to the pump and started the process. The guy came over and talked to me about the bike but didn't seem to mind that I was running my own pump. Whoops!

This was the first stop in California, I pulled my ear buds to go through the California border and needed to get resituated. I always feel like I need to get my passport stamped when I come to California with the border stop. Anyway, this also was my first tip over of the trip. I was on an incline and I couldn't get my leg swung over the seat to get off the bike in time. No damage to me and only a little scuff to the bottom corner of the tank.

Of course it wasn't just the Oregon coast the was foggy, damp and cold. California wasn't so much of a sunshine state for a lot of the northern section


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