On the road at last, or at least in the air. Finally leaving for a trip always feels good because there's no looking back. If I forgot something, I'll live without it. If I really need something I'll buy it. No looking back and worrying, only looking forward with anticipation.

My Coyote bag arrived right as planned last night. I did some packing and unpacking and head turning trying to get everything to fit. It's amazing how much space a tent, sleeping bag and thermarest take up. I'll probably end up strapping something behind the Coyote bag but we'll see how it goes. I ended up packing way more that I had planned but I'll end up thinning everything out before I leave Portland.

Checking in went smoothly. In case anyone is thinking of checking a tire (or two) as luggage, Southwest barely batted an eye. I signed a slip achknowleding that I have to deal with any damage but that's unlikely. If I was in luggage handling I would try playing a oversized game of horseshoes with them.


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