Getting ready for this trip has reminded me of a scavenger hunt. I tracked down a Pirelli Scorpion AT front tire in Phoenix or Portland. (I've decided that it is a sign of a true KTM dealership is if they stock Scorpion AT's.) My Spot GPS was found in a bag in my closet with only minimal destruction to my room.

On that topic if you would like to follow me on my trip you can access the SPOT page here: LINK The Password is my last name. I should be taking off from Portland on Sunday afternoon.

Getting back to the hunt, I've also been running around the last couple of days picking up bags, tubes, tools, luggage and riding gear. It's a good thing I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Of course when it comes to the end, everything that is truly needed can be bought on the road. At least when the road is through highly populated areas like I will be going through you can.


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