Can't stay put

Once again into the fray! As much as my travels are fray-ish. I find them quite enjoyable actually. This should look familiar to my packing for Thailand but with some subsitutions. Unfortunately I think this will be a motorcycle free trip, but you can't win them all. I'm just going for 4 days but it's amazing how much room a tent and fins take up! They don't quite seem to go together but I'm going to make it work.

The books are thanks to a quick trip to Goodwill and will probably not return. My tent and sleeping pad are rolled up together and are not coming out until I arrive at my sleeping spot! Or until TSA pulls me for inspection.
My KLIM helmet bag is helmetless but it is the perfect size to accompany my backpack. On the subject of my helmet, I shipped it back from Thailand along with my riding pants and boots. They arrived safe and sound two months after I got back.

I know it seems like I'm forgetting something but I'm going to let my destination be a surprise. Unless you've talked to me in the last two weeks. Then you already know because you've probably heard "GUESS WHERE I'M GOING!" already.

So where do you think I'm going?

UPDATE: You know what good fins are without booties? Specifically fins that are sized for booties? Zero... So they're going to have to stay home because unless I wore the booties on the plane there's no room... It wouldn't be the first time I wore odd footwear because of packing constraints but I'm just not going to do this time.


Anonymous said...

You need to give a class/tutorial on packing light for crazy trips! -H

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