I woke up and my Aunt and Uncles house in Tahoe City, visited some before tracking down my cousin, working down at the beach. Work is an annoying thing but it does pay bills so I left her to it.

Tahoe is much to beautiful of a place not to do some wandering in and I've hit my limit of sedentary activity. Riding a motorcycle might not seem like a very demanding activity but it's very simulating. There are constantly changing views and situation awareness is very demanding. So because I couldn't head out on my bike, I hit the trails, hiking trails.
It is a indisputable fact that many of my stories (and all of the entertaining ones) start with "It seems like a good idea at the time." This turned out to be one of my worst screw ups in a long time. I forgot to change my shoes from my stylish flip flops to my more serviceable chacos. I didn't take food or water. And I didn't turn around when I should have. But the views were amazing.
Of course my rate of picture taking rate was directly related to my heart rate which in turn was directly related to the incline of the trail. I am going to blame my shortness of breath on the altitude. Not my lack of activity of the last month, trying to nurse my knee back to healthy.

Naturally, being a evil, environment hating, outdoors enthusiast, all that was running through my head was "I wish that I had my dirt bike right now." This trail was ideal for dirt bikes, and my cardiovascular non-fitness would have appreciated it as well.
The call of "I wonder what's over this rise" is a dangerous one and it led me up this trail to Marlette Lake Reservior. This would have been a good place to turn around, but I hate retracing my steps. It looked like "Flume Trail" would head back to the parking lot that David's car was sitting in. It didn't of course, but that's what I was going with at the time.
The blisters that I'm suffering the next day are worth it for the amazing vistas that this trail treated me to
This Flume trail was a shelf just sticking out from the mountain side. My solitary hike turned into moutain bike dodging on this very popular trail. I could have used the two wheels, even if they were peddle powered!
This was before I really started devloping blisters thanks to my "hiking" flip flops. But at this point I was too committed to turn around. The heights of these beautiful views just served to show me exactly how far away I was getting from the car.(Far left of the point that you can see here)
I'm calculating that I hiked around 10 miles because a sign at the lake reservoir listed 28 being 7.4 miles away and that was after an hour and forty-five minutes of hiking. That got me a looooong way away from my car. But I was lucky and a group of mountain bikers were driving back to their cabin that direction. Doublely lucky because they insisted on feeding me and giving me water and Gatorade. I wasn't in dire straits for hydration but it certainly helped the cause.
After a light breakfast, a heavy hike and no lunch, I was starving. I managed to connect up with the Brownells for dinner. They're resent transplants to the area from Phoenix and they look like they're happy in their new environment. Who could blame them with Tahoe in their backyard! I headed back down to Sacramento to return David's car but took the back way on 50. The moon was amazing so I had to stop and play with long exposure settings. All in all, it was a good jaunt up to Tahoe.


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