It was a beautiful morning in Sacramento. My body rhythms had me up at 7am with Katie's three cats. The cats kept me company until 10am when David and Katie got up in time to watch the Georgia Tech football game. Breakfast was courtesy of a neighborhood bakery and donut shop. They had brotchen at the backery! Quite exciting!

After the freedom of riding my motorcycle anywhere I wish, I was feeling hemmed in and restricted by my lack of transportation. It's very frustrating having to depend on other people, even if they're friends and family. The dilemma of how to get up to Tahoe to visit with family while I'm waiting for my bike arose. David, hero for a day, loaned me his car while he's going to a family function with Katie.

So I made my way north to Tahoe and here I sit, dealing with all this beauty in the pines.


Heather said...

YAY David!! Hope the rest of the trip goes smoother than it has the last couple of days. Have a great time in Tahoe. One of these days I'll go with you (just not with snow on the ground!)

MOM said...

What a journey! WHOO-HOO David! I'm impressed you remembered how to spell "brotchen"! :-)

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