I woke up to a beautiful meadow on hypothetical forest service land. I'll explain shortly. I took my time wrapping up camp and having a wonderful breakfast. Caffeine and Carbs, that's my definition of a good breakfast. I decided to scout out the trails that I'd come in on and o some exploring. There were a lot of dead ends but they were very established trails and some of them had been maintained to the point of having water bars. It was fun jumping the 690 over them.

I ended up riding into a State Park on some lakes. Now the trail into the park was barred which seemed weird but oh well, most gates are easy to go around on a motorcycle. I don't know if it's just human nature to be drawn to water, life giving like it is. Maybe it's a "Oh! Shinny object" knee jerk reaction but there's something about lakes, oceans, rivers, creeks that really brightens up a day.
However upon leaving this park I was asked for a recipt. Uh oh. Apparently I was on private land camping last night (Victim less crime of the day number 1). Also all trails (and beaches) are nonmotorized so if I had hypotectically rode my bike onto the lake beach to take a pictures that would have been my 2nd victim less crime.

Headed south once again I was skirting south Lake Tahoe. There were some fun twisties and I ran into another motorcycle traveler. I like his helmet. It's good to put the information out there for people to know!

Over one of the passes I saw dirt roads leading off into the distance. It was too much tempation ot pass up. So I went off exploring and found some fun desert riding. A point of interest, the scorpion tires are like riding on ball bearings on hard packed trails like this... I might have gone down once or twice.

On my way to find some hot springs my mirror gave up the ghost and broke off. The vibrations finished the job that my crashes had started before. Of course it was the left side, which is the one that I use most.

I read about these hot springs online and decided to try to scout them out. The directions were sketchy and signs were few but an unexplained gravel lot of the top of the hill seemed to be a possibility. So I look over the edge and down next to the creek are these pools that have been built up using rocks. The hot water from the spring mixes with the cold creek water to make a perfect break spot.

For all of my Tech friends out there, ran across this in the middle on nowhere.

The rest of the day I pretty much just burned the miles. I've been away long enough that I'm ready to get home. Along the way I stopped and took a picture of a couple on a Harley from Houston. Texas people are always so nice, I ended up riding with them to Vegas. They waved to almost every vehicle on the road. I stopped for the night in a Motel in Vegas. A hot shower was calling my name.


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