One long day

I'm laying awake on the train to Chiang Mai at 4 in the morning. Upper bunk in an AC cabin. I passed out around 8 pm so it's really no surprise that I'm awake.

My stay in Bangkok was about 6 hours but it is amazing all the beautiful sites I saw. I visited the Grand Palace, three different Wat's and got scammed into a boat ride.

All the good pictures are going to have to get added later when I've got real Internet but it was beautiful. I can't stop raving about having Internet on my phone. It's like cheating. I love cheating. Also I can turn my phone into a mobile hot spot and connect on my laptop. I just did momentarily to test it but then used the laptop to charge my phone. It's beginning to be a bit of a trend. Worrying about keeping my phone charged. Just too many pictures to take and share!

And here is where I spent the night, in my little golden cage.


Unknown said...

Thought that was a shower at first glance!

Please tell me you're flying to Phuket...

Anonymous said...

Ninjas tourism! I love it. Still need shirts.


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