I'm on the road again! I unearthed my Dell Mini netbook and it inspired me to post my newest adventure. You can see here all the earthly possessions that I'm taking with me on this trip. I leave tonight for Thailand for three weeks. The goal was to lug everything in a backpack and helmet bag. Some things are stowed away in my shoes or around the scuba mask or waterproof camera case box but it's all there.

The plan is to spend two weeks riding around Chiang Mai and then go down to Phuket for 4 days of scuba diving on a liveaboard. The different activities makes packing challenging but worst case, if I need something else I'll buy it when I'm there.
And it all packs up so nice!

Now why Thailand? I've been getting that question a lot. And the short answer is... it's the fault of this ride report: Two Do Thailand.

The long answer is that I was planning on going to a new country this December but the list was made up of New Zealand, Peru, and Chile. I was looking into NZ pretty seriously but the costs were daunting. An $2000+ plane ticket and then $100+ a day to rent a motorcycle and a general cost of living on par with the US. Peru and Chili look amazing and I got pretty deep into research for Peru. I've never spent any time in Asia and always wanted to go in a nebulous kind of way. About 6 months ago I came across that ride report and it really sparked my interest in visiting Thailand. And then I bought a couple of maps from GT-rider and it was all over.

I'll be trying to keep up with my activities on here and I'm taking my SPOT with me. That's it for now! Next stop... ASIA (SNL Jeopardy anyone?)


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