After the long day to Mae Hong Son I realized I needed to slow down a little. I had been busy every day since arriving in Bangkok. Part of the justification to myself for the length of the trip was that it would allow me to take it easy.So on to Cave lodge by Soppong for a couple of days.

I woke up and headed to find some breakfast by the lake. The whole town was shrouded until fog until the sun burned it off.
The courtyard of my hotel in Mae Hong Son was very beautiful. The rooms much more basic but at time I wasn't feeling picky.
To give you an idea of the room:
Along the way I stopped at a tourist attraction, Fish Cave. It was fairly early in the morning and so very quiet. There were women selling food for the fist everywhere. The fish went mad for watermelon, melon and some sort of spinach leaves.
I took the Nature Trail which has signs on the enterance and exit but it lies, the trail disappears part way through and sort of bushwacking I had to backtrack back to the main trail.
The actual fish cave was less cave and more hole but still fun to feed to fishes.
Back to the road. I came a cross a gaggle of big bike riders from the Edelweiss tours. I've seen their trips advertised before but cool to come upon them in the middle of Thailand. The trail guide, Manuel from Italy, stayed back for a little bit to talk and we took pictures of each other for our blogs. You can see his post with my picture here: LINK along with pictures and write up from the rest of their trip which are amazing.
After a bit of back and forth on this road (I never get lost, just misplaced) I ended up at Cave Lodge. It is right by Tham Lod, a major cave and there are many many many more in the area. It's also very close to the border with Myanmar/Burma.
My little hut is all bed. This is what 300 baht or about 10 dollars gets you in the middle of the jungle. It's possible to get dorm rooms for half that but I've become old and spoiled and I like having my own space.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around the lodge and catching up on reading. The lodge has a steady influx of people coming in and out from all countries. While I've been here I've met: Swiss, German, French, English, Belgian, Israeli, American, Dutch and Singaporeans.

The next day would be kayaking down the riving and through a cave.


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