Often times its the little things that can make you happy and ease your mind. My phone was running down on power after 18+ hours of travel. The seats on the 747-400 from Taipei to Bangkok had USB outlets. One less thing to worry about. Yes, I could get along without my phone but it has books and maps and other things that will make life easier when I land. I'm not addicted to my phone. I don't care what you say.

Thus far I have to say that China Airlines are good once you get off the ground. The checkin process at LAX was a slight disaster. The line was close to 2 hours long with a pompous little man yelling at everyone to take up all the space in line. Because of the backup the flight was actually delayed 45 mins which made me late for my connecting flight in Taipei. They held the plane to BKK for us but I still ended up sweaty and slightly out of sorts.

Sorry, long boring plane trips often equal too much time on ones hands and boring posts.


-JW said...

Was the food good?

J.F. said...

As far as airplane food goes, pretty good. Nothing special but most of my flying is domestic though so I'm not the best judge. I'm more used to peanuts and crackers.

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