A month ago I was in Istanbul looking across a river into a different continent. This morning I was looking across a river into a different country.
Wenbin and I grabbed breakfast on the river before heading our seperate ways, heading opposite directions but with plans to meet up in Chiang Mai in a couple of days.
My cute little room for 250 baht a night.
I was worried about rain while heading south east along the Mekong. The weather ahead looked overcast and stormy. Turns out it was just mists from the river and valley.
As I started climbing the hills I left the fog behind and emerged into the light and a beautiful view. This was my enterance into the very mountainous land east of Chiang Mai.
There were beautiful curvy roads leading my to my destination of Thung Chang. Unforunently, midday one of my teeth started throbing and I made tracks to the Siam Garden Bungalows.
Siam Garden is run by Marco from Italy and his Thai wife. The rooms are very comfortable and resonable at 250 to 350 baht. Other than Marco I didn't see any westerners. I was definitely off the banana pancake trail.


bobzilla said...

Do you ever work? It seems you are always on the go here or there. I wish I could figgure out your secret. JK
Enjoying you adventure
thanks for sharing

Duke said...

It was great to talk with you last night. I got excited just talking about it. We are0 sans internet here because ATT installed Uverse- we have phone but the net takes some installation steps that are not going as advertized. Anyway, stay safe and keep writing.

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