Now we're cooking with gas! Real wifi to upload pictures. I've got all my pictures uploaded onto Smugmug that I've taken so far. I'll try to back feed pictures from bangkok but for now I'm going to catch up with the last couple of days.

So after finally getting to Chiang Mai via train I settled down in the food area of the train station to eat and make calls about rooms. Had I known I would have just called up Philip at for a room, good food and good riding talk. More on that later. After going through a couple places I ended up with a room at Riverside House. Not in the old city but right by the night market. It has a beautiful backyard pool/garden area.
After I got settled in a bit, I headed out to track down a bike. I was a little nervous because I had called a couple of shops from the states and they had been out of dirt bikes because of the busy season. I thought I would get in and out of town before Christmas without issue but I guess I wasn't the only one.

I walked over to Pop Motorcycle and Car rental just outside of the moat and they were swimming with motorcycle. Scheduled a bike (I'm not sure if I'm ending up with a CRF250 or Kawasaki dirt tracker) and picked up a scooter!
Now just in case you were a clueless as I was before I started looking into Thailand, they drive on the left side of the road. Not a big deal but definitely a mental switch. On the way back to my hotel I only ended up on the wrong side once. And for the rest of the day I started singing songs to myself with all the words replaced with "left". So far so good.

After gearing up with my KLIM helmet and jacket I headed out for another Wat. Wat Chedi Luang to be precise. I may have ridden around in a couple of circles but I made it without any other wrong side of the road issues.
The temples and pagodas were beautiful but what got me were the signs attached to the trees. The ones I can read:
  • "Sacrifice is protection"
  • "Be covetous and regret later"
  • "Want to be a monk, leave lust"
  • "Careless is a way to die"
That's all for now, I have to go to a cooking class. Any snickers or snorts are unappreciated and will immediately remove you from any Thai dinner party invites.


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