A day off in Nan

Thanks to Jacques and Per great advice and knowledge of the area, I had plans to go out on a loop around Nan but waking up in the middle of the night in severe tooth pain, nixed all plans besides going and seeing a dentist and hanging around the Guesthouse.

Give me a hammock and I'm pretty content. What I love about this hammock is the use of a bicycle tube to hang it.
The hosts at the guest house sent me off with Den to find a dentist and help translate. Just so you know, in Nan very few dentists are available before 5 because they're working in the hospital. The 4th stop was the charm. I'm not excited to visit a dentist in the best of circumstances, honestly it throws me into a bit of a depression. So being away from home and having a language barrier with a toothache is right up there with my top nightmares.
After about a 20 minute wait I went in to see the doc. She spoke English but not totally fluently. After poking and prodding which got my tooth to throbbing she prescribed me with antibiotics and ibuprofen and told me to make sure to see a dentist when I got home. The tooth in question has had a root canal and has a crown. There however is a large gap between it and the tooth in front of it that acts like a food trap. I try to clean it out regularly but apparently some food caught in there caused an infection. Once I'm home they'll have to do something more invasive to sort it out. Oh goodie.
That evening for dinner I tagged along with the local expat group. Dinner was more adventures in food. The new dishes were 1000 year old egg, a sour vegetable of some sort with eggs and a sweetened nuts and shrimp dish.

It's interesting how being in a foreign land seems to open everyone up to meeting new people.


Duke said...

Megan, it is great to see you back on the blog. I was starting to get worried. I am sorry I missed your call on the 24th. It was great the one time we did get to talk. I'm not sure where you are now but look forward to more stories. Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth. I hope the little blue pills help. At least there's a nice hammock to hang in. Happy New Year! Can't wait to see how you celebrate! -HI

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