A couple of beautiful boxes showed up at my house with goodies ready to be installed. Any motorcycle owner will admit that customization and minor improvements are part of the fun of ownership. Look at the Harley crowd, it is truly the odd man out that has a stock bike. Anyway, on first on the agenda for installation was a foam air filter. The stock filter is paper and not idea for dusty conditions. Thankfully the air filter is still accessible with the Safari tank. The loop of the tank over the top of the seat is right where to air filter is located. But the new filter fits with out too many problems.

Next up was removing the Rox Anti-Vibe Risers. They're a bit too tall for me and I don't like how they twist when my bike accidentally makes contact with the ground. Not that that happens... often. It'll be interesting to see how much of a difference the rubber mounting makes at freeway speeds.
A beautiful new Garmin 478 showed up yesterday. I already had the mount for this model so all I was missing was the cross bar. In the box of goodies was a surprisingly reasonably priced Touratech cross bar. And this is the final result, minus Roxs Riser, plus GPS install. The GPS is further back than the set up that I borrowed for the Portland trip. It does make the ODO more visible but I'm worried that it might be in the way while riding. Next install will be the KTM hard parts windscreen to smooth things out on freeway riding. We'll see how it goes this weekend, lots of riding planned!


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