I had another marvelous breakfast at the Jones and after spending a ridiculous amount of time packing I was ready to go.

After some accidental wandering around Portland I took off for parts unknown. First impressions:

  • Riding at 65 without a fairing requires back and core strength (I know because I don't have either)
  • I think the edges are too pronounced on the seat, it felt like the insides of my legs were loosing circulation.
  • I pack too much stuff, I'm already planning on ditching more stuff at the soonest opportunity.
  • 70+ results in a lot of vibrations at the handlebars with stock gearing.
  • The bike is tall, very tall. Because it's so much lighter than the 990 the weight doesn't worry me as much but with a bag on the back I'm really testing my flexability getting on and off the bike.

Today as the my Spot map will attest, I spent most of the day on I5. Not the most fun route but after all my self imposed delays I really needed to kill some miles. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Much better than I had hoped. My first "I have to stop because everything hurts" stop was at a roadside rest stop. There were some nice people that asked me about my trip including a guy that was just on his way back from dualsporting in BC. There was also berry bushes, possibly blackberries, how cool!

I didn't get off the freeway until Umaqua river. Along the way I found this sign, I'll have to research it when I have internet access. It was a beautiful route except for this accident. Hopefully the passengers are all right. However there was some stress involved because the stop sign woman was having a bad day and cussing out anyone that talked to her. According to her, it wasn't her job to be nice to people. Well she definitely took that and ran with it. After about 45 minutes of waiting around we were off.

About 10 miles from the coast it turned to fog. I didn't know that fog could result in condensation on the inside of your helmet. I kept pushing to make it to Sunset Bay Park for bed. Finally I got there and remembered "Oh yeah, I HATE group camping areas." However to shake out the cobwebs and to make sure I have everything I need it'll work out fine. I also get to fall asleep to the sound of fog horns.

Total Mileage for Sunday: 283


lindsayG said...

Hi Megan,
Looks great. I will pray for strength.

Tahoe Wed?

Aunt Vicki

lindsayG said...

Hi again

I think you may be close to Sonoma now and that is 3-4 hours away from us. We will see you today.

You can sleep in a bed tonight and take a jacuzzi bath.

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